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>> Haitians in Limbo in DR.

October 27, 2013

Our Haitian brothers are in limbo in Dominican Republic.  We need to join forces with our Dominican brothers who chose not to betray their own blood.  We are not only brothers in Christ, but brothers in blood!  To deny this means so much about ourselves.  What would our tortured slave parents say about us when we prefer to honor their masters instead?  What will we say when we see them in heaven?  Think about it my DR brothers.  Help us fight racism in our hearts and in our community.  Like they say, “What we do in life echoes an eternity.”


  • soleiladmin says:

    God is watching us. The quality of our souls is measured by our sense of righteousness. The bishops who condone the action by the few racists in Dominican Republic will have much to explain to God on day.

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  • Rom Rom says:

    About our dr brothers:what do you propose we do when you say help us?

  • JUAN LARA says:

    I am a 65 years old dominican. I feel so sorry about my dominican brothers and sisters whose parents went to cut the sugar cane in the Dominican Republic. They were (are) slaves.
    I went to Miami for a demostration last yearsupporting those kids that can not get ID for attending school. .
    Please let me know of any demostration against the racism in the dominican republic.
    My phone number in NYC is (347)453-4052

  • Libby says:

    I’m disgusted with what’s happening to Dominicans of Haitian descent and for those people that have lived for years as our neighbors in our neighborhoods. However, when comments from your radio station and others, such as Haitians doing the work that Dominicans don’t want to can do only create resentment from people like myself that want solidarity among our people. We have to remember that the hiring is in the hands of the business for their benefit. The people in power are the responsible ones. It irresponsible to blame Dominican people, poor just has Haitians. Why are Haitians the only ones that deserve consideration for their plight?

  • Libby says:

    Poor people everywhere are suffering and affected by the globalization of exploitation and oppression of the neo-liberal capitalist system.

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