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At Radio Soleil we use the "G" Word a lot. With a captive listener base of more than 600,000 Haitians spread across the tri-state area, a "Guaranteed" Audience is what the people at Radio Soleil enjoy and offer. As a pioneer of Haitian-American radio journalism broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in 3 languages, Radio Soleil transmits its own sub-signal from Brooklyn to receivers as far away as Philadelphia. With 5 hour-long news programs, hourly news updates and 3 two hour-long weekly news analysis magazines, the station helps its eager listeners remain the best informed segment of the Caribbean market.

It isnít just the news that allows Radio Soleil the luxury of A "Guaranteed" Audience. The special relationships developed during "Call-IN" Shows and multiple services to the community have led to true loyalty; a loyalty which is the public side of a relationship carried on in the home, the office, the cab, the restaurant, the park or anywhere the listeners care to touch the link to their culture. Radio Soleil is the electronic gate Haitian personalities use to reach the Haitian public, and it is also the place to begin when you wish to tap into the $2.5 billion economic force that hard-working Haitian-Americans have become.

As if having a full roster of the most important and prestigious Haitian radio personalities in America to give our listeners the timeliest and most accurate coverage of events in the community was not enough, Radio Soleil remains a showcase for Haitian music. This music has burst onto the international scene with growing popularity. Teen hours, game shows, religious programming and cultural critique round out the dynamic mix for which our listeners purchase special receivers.

When Radio Soleil "Guarantees" it, you have the comfort of knowing that 1.5 Million people with a shared pride, awareness and dedication get their information from the same source, "Vraiment " we take the "G" word for granted at Radio Soleil DíHaiti!



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